The stock market is about to get a whole lot prettier.

This e-book is made for busy women who want to learn to invest in the stock market.


The financial planning industry will tell you it's just too hard, too risky, and too stressful to learn about the stock market on your own. When I ask women why they don't invest, I hear things like...


"I don't know where to start"




"I'm afraid to lose my money"


But... the truth is that the stock market is made up of thousands of companies and has survived depressions, elections, crashes, natural disasters, wars, and yes... even pandemics.


It's not going to zero.


If you tuck your money away into a high interest savings account, you'll be LUCKY if you get a 2% return.


The average return of the stock market, over it's ENTIRE HISTORY (even through all those disasters) is almost 10%.


So really, one of the FIRST investment mistakes you can make is to NOT invest. 


(BY THE WAY... Many recent studies prove that women are better investors than men. Go on, Google it.)

Unlock the secrets

Let's explore the major investing mistakes and how to avoid them. Learn the golden rules to determine if that company is worth your hard earned dollars. 


Work through the printable guides to decide which investment options are the best fit for your family and what all that stock market terminology even means.

Made for you

Lindsay is a busy Mom, like you. She gets that you have enough on your plate. You don't need a finance degree to read this e-book. No jargon here.

"Simple talk about stocks."

So easy you can teach your kids!

If you're ready to take the next step into financial awesomeness, this

e-book written by Lindsay Plumb, Accredited Financial Counselor and founder of the Pretty Money Club is the perfect educational, fun, and sassy guide to the world of investing. Go ahead, download the preview and see for yourself

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