Let me tell you what pretty money is...

It's knowing your card will be approved at the checkout.


It's opening your mail without surprises.


It's paying for sports registrations with cash.


It's spending freely on the things you want.


It's seeing the path to your goals is possible.


It's having an organized system that is effortless.


It's talking to your spouse about money and not arguing. 

It's being prepared for unexpected expenses.


It's putting your head down at night knowing that everything is going to turn out right.

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Pretty money is...

...knowing your card will be approved at the checkout.


...opening your mail without surprises.


...paying for your kid's sports registrations with cash.


...spending freely on the things you want.


...seeing the path to your goals is possible.


...having an organized system that is effortless.


...going on vacations paid with cash.


...talking to your spouse about money and not arguing. 

...being prepared for unexpected expenses.


...laying  your head down at night knowing that everything is going to turn out right.

"Teaching moms to manage their money without coupons or cash envelopes is what we do."


The Pretty Money Course 

Create your Pretty Money Plan in just 8 weeks

Did you know that money doesn't have to be stressful?

It's hard to imagine when you are feeling the weight of debt, running from paycheque to paycheque, unsure of where to ask for help (like real help, not a commission sales pitch kind of help), arguing with your spouse, writing budgets then not following them......

...shall I go on?

Or have you read something that sounds like your life?

  • Week 1

    Goals & Values

    They say money management is 20% math. The rest is mindset. So that's where we'll start.

  • Week 2 


    The cornerstone of success is having a budget that is simple to follow and true to reality. I'll help you make sure your's is both. 

  • Week 3


    We are going to tune into your spending patterns and habits. Where does it all go? We'll figure this out as a team. 

  • Week 4 

    Bank Account Architecture

    This is the secret sauce. When we design your bank accounts to align with your budget, you're success rate goes through the roof. I'll show you how. 

  • Week 5 

    Debt Elimination

    Debt doesn't isn't a burden we live under in the Pretty Money Club. I will show you how to plan for your own debt elimination, and still have money to spend. 

  • Week 6

    Grocery Shopping

    Let's fill the biggest crack in your current system to stop the leak. Expect to "find" $200-$100 per month with me here. 

  • Week 7 

    Net Worth

    Knowing your net worth is important, scary for some, and mega empowering. Doing it together will leave you feeling like a total money boss.

  • Week 8 

    Reviewing your Pretty Money Plan

    Your Pretty Money Plan is going to take you straight to the top and directly to your dreams, so we want to get it right. I'm going to work with you to make sure your's is as beautiful as can be

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

Is this online or in person?

What's the schedule?

Are there other courses I can take?

Can't I learn all this for free on YouTube?

How do I get my spouse involved?

Is it for women only?

What changes can I expect to see?

If now is not the right time, when will it run again?

"Moms have more important things to worry about then money."


Check out what the members are saying...

My emergency fund is building, with more than I've ever had in that account before. I also have money available for pet expenses, car maintenance, and vacation! Thanks Lindsay!

Rebecca M

Single, working, mom of 1

I was not sure what to expect when I first joined the club...but what I gained was life changing for our financial situation. The course content is good and having access to Lindsay and the other members help problem solve or vent woes to was invaluableYou get a support network for dealing with debt in a way that is encouraging with out shame, and you get a plan to work with! 

Allyson E

Married, working mom of 3

This is SO worth doing! Treat yourself not to a new pair of shoes, but to a new way of  walking in the world; with more purpose, clarity, and sense of Why you work everyday. Believe me, no heels are higher than this!

Lisa H

Married, self-employed mom of 2

Doors are....CLOSED :(