STOP worrying about MONEY...

and regain energy for the people and goals that matter MORE...



If you’re really honest with yourself... it feels like you’re stuck on a hamster wheel

and you know there's GOT to be a better way.


You feel like you're being crushed under the weight of your debt.

You're tired of living paycheque to paycheque, wondering where the money all went. 
You're discouraged, because it seems like every time you make a plan to change... it doesn't work out.


You see glimpses of your tired and anxious face when you look in the mirror...

 You feel the knot in the pit of your stomach as you lie awake at night wondering how you fell off track again.


And if something doesn’t change?

You'll fight with your spouse... again.

You'll see the disappointment in your kids faces when you miss that family trip you've been wanting for years... again.

You'll go about another day with this tension in your head.

Stressed. Short-fused.


... I'm so glad that you're here. I have helped thousands of busy women just like you learn to

make their money pretty.


You CAN feel financial freedom.
You CAN learn how to manage your money.

You CAN be in control.

You CAN plan for your future.

You CAN save for your kids education. 

You CAN buy the things you really really want.

And you can still have spending money.


You've just got so many important things on the go.

So many priorities.

People that need your time and energy.


It's time for CHANGE!


You need some right to the point, step-by-step help.

I am here for you. WE are here for you.
The Pretty Money Club is your way to success.


Helping busy women overcome the FEAR around money, create a budget system that works, and develop sustainable finance habits that will reap confidence and success!

Hi! I'm Lindsay Plumb. I help busy women get RID of the stress around money and learn to manage it like a lady-boss with practical,  jargon-free solutions. 

As an Accredited Financial Counselor, I have helped hundreds of women implement systems that work. I do this because I know that you have better things to do than worry about money. 

I love providing simple strategies that will help you cut through the confusion and start WINNING with your finances, QUICKLY. 


I created the Pretty Money Club to provide a group learning environment for women to CONNECT and ENCOURAGE each other as they build their own customized Pretty Money Plan!


What is the Pretty Money Club?

An online membership program for

busy women to make their money pretty

**To be eligible for membership, you must be accepted into the 8 week online Pretty Money Course 

taught by Accredited Financial Counselor, Lindsay Plumb.

See what our members have to say

This is SO worth doing! Treat yourself not to a new pair of shoes, but to a new way of  walking in the world; with more purpose, clarity, and sense of Why you work everyday. Believe me, no heels are higher than this!

Emma - Mom of 1


I was not sure what to expect when I first joined the club...but what I gained was life changing for our financial situation. The course content is good and having access to Lindsay and the other members help problem solve or vent woes to was invaluableYou get a support network for dealing with debt in a way that is encouraging with out shame, and you get a plan to work with! 

Lisa - Mom of 2


My emergency fund is building, with more than I've ever had in that account before. I also have money available for pet expenses, car maintenance, and vacation! Thanks Lindsay!

Lexy - Mom of 2

Imagine your money feeling... pretty.

Let me tell you what pretty money is...

It's knowing your card will be approved at the checkout.


It's opening your mail without surprises.


It's paying for sports registrations with cash.


It's spending freely on the things you want.


It's seeing the path to your goals is possible.


It's having an organized system that is effortless.


It's talking to your spouse about money and not arguing. 

It's being prepared for unexpected expenses.


It's putting your head down at night knowing that everything is going to turn out right.

What is "Pretty Money" ...?

Pretty money is...

...knowing your card will be approved at the checkout.


...opening your mail without surprises.


... joyfully paying for your kid's sports registrations.


... spending money on things you want without feeling guilty.


...seeing the path to your goals is possible.


...having an organized system that is effortless.


...going on vacation without putting it on the credit card.


...talking to your spouse about money and not arguing. 

...being prepared for unexpected expenses.


...feeling confident and in control of your finances.


...laying  your head down at night knowing that everything is going to turn out right,

because your Pretty Money Plan is working for YOU.

  • Goals & Values

    They say money management is 20% math. The rest is mindset. So that's where we'll start.

  • Budgeting

    The cornerstone of success is having a budget that is simple to follow and true to reality. I'll help you make sure yours is both. 

  • Spending

    We are going to tune into your spending patterns and habits. Where does it all go? We'll figure this out as a team. 

  • Bank Account Budgeting

    This is the secret sauce. When we design your bank accounts to align with your budget, your success rate goes through the roof. I'll show you how. 

  • Debt Elimination

    Debt isn't a burden we live under in the Pretty Money Club. I'll show you how to plan for your own debt elimination while still having money to spend.

  • Grocery Shopping

    Let's plug a huge leak in your current spending. Expect to "find" $200 - $1000 a month here with me. SO many people OVERSPEND on food... and you don't even have to change your diet needs!

  • Net Worth

    Knowing your net worth is important, scary for some, and mega empowering. Doing it together will leave you feeling like a total money boss.

  • Reviewing your Pretty Money Plan

    Your Pretty Money Plan is going to take you straight to the top and directly to your dreams, so we want to get it right. I'm going to work with you to make sure yours is as beautiful as can be

... And you'll have your coach Lindsay every step of the way. 

But Lindsay, I've TRIED so many times to get my money on track... and it just hasn't stuck!!!




There are A LOT of gurus out there in the personal finance world. But many of them DON'T UNDERSTAND how hectic a busy mom's life is!

Their systems aren't made for YOU.


You have A TON of priorities. You're juggling a zillion responsibilities.


You just need a system that works.

And you DON'T need to spend hours trying to figure it out on your own. 



... And the support doesn't STOP after 8 weeks.

After your course is over, you'll be eligible to join as a full member of

The Pretty Money Club. 


Club members stay connected in their private community and enjoy some mega perks, including brand new learning topics every month, weekly check-ins with coach Lindsay, FREE entry into events and challenges hosted by Lindsay, discounts and early access to new content available to the public, ongoing accountability, access to the Pretty Money Course materials, and SO MUCH MORE.

See the Membership Site for yourself!

"You're a woman on the go. You want to prioritize family time... not budgeting. I get it! I'm a busy mom, too! Teaching you about all things personal finance WITHOUT the complexity is what I do! ~ Lindsay


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions:

Is this online or in person?

What's the schedule?

Are there other courses I can take?

Can't I learn all this for free on YouTube?

How do I get my spouse involved?

Is it for women only?

What changes can I expect to see?

If now is not the right time, when will it run again?

"STARTED is better than READY. If a busy Mom waits for 'the right time' it will take too long." ~ Lindsay


Lindsay Plumb is an accredited financial counselor that serves busy women all across Canada. Drop her an e-mail to say hello: