10 Day ONward and UPward Challenge:

Let's find your path and  start running towards

financial simplicity


and freedom...TOGETHER!

If 2020 threw you off course, you're not alone!

The dumpster-fire that we just came through had us jump into Mama-Bear mode to keep the crew healthy, entertained, and (let's face it) alive...


  • Did you overspend on groceries?
  • Use your credit card a little too much?
  • Ignore your budget?
  • Order more than a few things online?
  • Skip the dishes more than usual?


  • Are you looking at a bank account of cash unsure what to do with it?
  • Did you pay down more debt than normal?
  • Do you feel awesome and want to keep it up?

No matter how your finances look today, there's one thing for sure - you want 2021 to be the year you find your path toward control, freedom, and simplicity.  This challenge is for your YOU, Mama!

* For less than a couple coffees out, you'll gain SO MUCH!

I've got 5 simple strategies to share with you

(in more detail of course lol)


Be clear...what do you want? I'll show you how to figure it out.


Be honest ...what has gotten in your way in the past. Most people are thwarted by the same few things.


Be confident...know that you're capable. I'll prove it to you.


Be prepared....have a plan to follow. My templates have worked for others just like you!


Be connected...the rollercoaster of life is way more fun with friends

Sign Up Now! We'll get started Jan 11th

The kids have just returned to school or online learning, so I'll give you a few days to get settled in before we launch your 2021 plan.

  • Start with what you WANT

    When was the last time you stopped to get clear on what you really want? If you've felt like you're treading water and not getting anywhere, this might be why.

  • Feel the community support

    You'll be completing these 10 days with a community of other busy moms to compound the learning and encourage each other

  • Have a coach in your pocket

    Lindsay will be available in your private group to answer your questions as they come up
    *Lindsay is an Accredited Financial Counselor... having her advice at your fingertips is invaluable as you learn! 

  • Get my templates 

    A budget with ten thousand lines might have been fun to work on in your 20's but now you need something simpler. I'll share my proven templates with you! 

  • Reminders to keep you on track

    Busy Moms fall behind sometimes. That's okay! You'll get reminders and replays to make sure you catch up

  • Right on your phone

    You can access everything you'll need right from your phone... so even if you have to hide in the bathroom from your kids for 15 minutes, you'll get it done, Mama.



Why this challenge will help you


Sometimes you learn something that changes your life

Check out what these ladies had to say about the challenges they participated in with Lindsay earlier this year... 

Let's start 2021

feeling renewed

Join the 10 Day Challenge starting January 11th, 2021. 


You know what happens to things that sit on the back burner, Mama. Sign up now.

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